America's PAC  

Post Election Report

I would like to begin by thanking our donors for their support of America’s Political Action Committee and our candidates in 2010.  Their contributions were absolutely critical to our success and to the success of many good conservatives being elected to the Senate and House of Representatives.

America’s PAC supported 13 conservative Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate and many more conservative Republican candidates for the House.  The names of some of those candidates, their states, and how they fared in the election follow.

Two of our biggest victories happened in Pennsylvania with the election of solid conservative Pat Toomey to replace liberal Republican turned Democrat Arlen Specter in the Senate and the election of Hazleton mayor Lou Barletta, a fighter against illegal immigration, to the House of Representatives.

America’s PAC also expended considerable resources to elect Marco Rubio of Florida to the U.S. Senate.  Great things are expected of Rubio who is a forceful and articulate conservative.

For years America’s PAC has been one of Congressman Ron Paul’s biggest supporters.  We were one of the few PACs to help him when he first ran for Congress many years ago.  So we were very proud and gratified to support his son, Rand Paul, for the Senate.  Like his father, Rand Paul will adhere to principle and no doubt shake things up in the Senate.

We also can’t forget Jim DeMint, Senator from South Carolina who we supported to the hilt in his bid for reelection.  He’s one of the best.

 Our Candidates  State  Result
 Pat Toomey (R) Pennsylvania Won
 Rand Paul (R) Kentucky Won
 Marco Rubio (R)
Florida Won
 Jim DeMint (R) South Carolina Won
 Christine O' Donnell (R) Delaware Lost
 Sharron Angle (R) Nevada Lost
 Ken Buck (R) Colorado Lost
 Joe Miller (R) Alaska Lost
 Mike Lee (R) Utah Won
 John Hoeven (R) North Dakota Won
 John Boozman (R) Arkansas Won
 John Raese (R) West Virginia Lost
 Ron Johnson (R) Wisconsin Won


Our Candidate
State Result
 Michelle Bachmann Minnesota Won
 Dana Rohrabacher California Won
 Sam Johnson Texas Won
 Steve King Iowa Won
 Lou Barletta Pennsylvania Won
 Tom McClintock California Won
 Kristi Noem South Dakota Won

America’s PAC has for 27 years concentrated on supporting conservative candidates who we believe will stick to their principles and make a real difference in government.

For that reason we often take chances on candidates who are thought to be long shots; sometimes we lose those races and sometimes we win. But when we win, we usually have a solid vote for conservative ideas in Congress for years to come.

Among the people we supported this year who won their elections, we have a core of conservative fighters. Obama and the Democrats will no longer be able to push through their dangerous proposals.

Of course, the fight is far from over. 2012 is looming before us. We have a real job ahead of us to elect a Republican president and to gain control of the Senate. And there will almost certainly be some special congressional elections in 2011.

I think you will agree that we have done well with the support provided and that you will continue to support our mission to elect conservatives to Congress.

Thank you so much.


James B. Taylor
Co-founder and Chairman